About us

Since 1993 Nayeco has manufactured, imported and distributed items specially designed for our pets, whatever the species.

Our mission is to ensure that our animals have their vital needs perfectly covered and that it is easier for us, humans, to live with them.

We distribute our products to more than 1800 points of sale.

Nayeco Employees

35 employees

Nayeco commercial agents

10 Commercial Agents in Spain and Portugal

Alamacen Nayeco

3,000 m2 of warehouse

National and international shipments Nayeco

22,500 annual shipments

Nuzoa Logo

We are part of the NUZOA group, a national leader in the distribution of veterinary products and value-added services, which was born with the purpose of going beyond what is expected.

Where we are?

NAYECO, SL , C/ Esparreguera, 4-6 (Pol. Ind. Les Ginesteres) Collbató, Barcelona E-08293 Spain

Where we are